The latest from ABK

Learn more about best practices for boarding, pet care and more with insights from our team.

The Latest From ABK

Learn more about best practices for boarding, pet care and more with insights from our team.

Image of a smiling golden retriever

Indicators of a Happy Dog

Do you have a strong bond with your dog? Do you know your dog’s mannerisms inside and out? While you may have...
Cute photo of a furry, brown dog lying upside down on a bed

How We Make Your Pet Feel at Home

t’s time for you to go on vacation, but you know your pet can’t go with you. You are officially faced with...
dog wearing headphones

Dogs and Music: What Does the Research Say?

We are one of Minnesota’s oldest family owned and operated boarding facilities. American Boarding Kennels offers a family...
American Boarding Kennels helps you determine which leash is right for your dog

Which Leash Type Is Right for My Dog?

Before bringing a dog home to join the family, one must have key accessories ready. One of the most important items dog...
American Boarding Kennels shares the importance of exercise for cats

Does My Cat Need to Exercise?

Cats make wonderful companions. Cuddly and complex, these mini lions and lionesses provide love and friendship for individuals...
Looking after your pup's mental health

Looking After Your Pup’s Mental Health

When we think about dogs and mental health, it tends to be in terms of how pet ownership can improve the mental health...
Boarding your dog with separation anxiety: everything you need to know

Boarding Your Dog with Separation Anxiety: Everything You Need to Know

Dogs can get confused and frightened when their people go away. For dogs who suffer from separation anxiety, that reaction...
Preparing Your Pet for Time Away

Preparing Your Pet for Time Away

The bonds we form with our pets are extra special. They’re our best buddies, our confidants, our biggest fans, and our...
Cat Tales: A Boarding Testimonial banner image

Cat Tales: A Boarding Testimonial

I’m Sophia Purren and I’m a beautiful European shorthair. My humans sent me on a short vacation to a pet resort called...
Straight from the doggy's mouth banner image

Straight From The Doggy’s Mouth: A Boarding Testimonial

My name is Emily and I am a dog. I love my humans. They feed me, play with me, and show me how to do hard things like...