Preparing Your Pet for Time Away

October 20, 2021

The bonds we form with our pets are extra special. They’re our best buddies, our confidants, our biggest fans, and our sweetest loves. Leaving a pet behind when you go on a trip can be a challenging emotional experience for everyone involved. You can’t calmly sit your pet down and explain that you’re leaving for a little while but promise you will come back, because there’s a bit of a language barrier. So when we prepare to go away, it’s important to take some extra steps to make sure your pet, and you, are ready for an easier goodbye and a more comfortable time apart.

Spend Extra Time Together

Before you leave, make sure to set aside extra time to be with your pet. Pull out your cat’s favorite toys and enjoy some longer play sessions. Take your dog on longer walks and give them extra cuddle time. This will make your pets feel happy and confident. Pets can often sense that their person is getting ready to go away, and this additional attention will distract them while you get ready to leave for a trip.

Pack When They’re Not Looking

Packing around your pet can cause them stress. Not only can they already sense that you’re doing something different than usual, but many pets recognize suitcases from previous trips. Additionally, packing is stressful for humans and our cuddle buddies pick up on our emotions. Packing out of sight from your pet will help minimize their pre-trip anxiety.

Make a Habit of Calm Goodbyes

When we make a big deal out of saying goodbye to our pets before a trip, we transfer a lot of anxiety to them. While evidence shows we don’t need to ignore our pets before leaving, we should avoid lavishing them with extra hugs and kisses when dropping them off at their kennel. It’s good to practice this with all your goodbyes, such as when you leave for work. Set up a small, loving goodbye ritual. Give them some pets, calmly explain that you’re leaving but will be back, and give them a little treat. Your pet will learn that spending time apart is safe and normal and nothing to worry about. They’ll still miss you while you’re gone, but they’ll know you’re coming back, just like always.

Leave Them With Things They Love

When you pack up your pet’s essentials before taking them to the boarding kennel, include their favorite treats, toys, and something that smells like you. This could be a sock, a shirt, or even a blanket. Having your scent around will boost their oxytocin and help them acclimate to an unfamiliar environment and ease their minds when they’re missing you the most.

Let Your Kennel Know About Special Needs

If your pet struggles with separation anxiety, has a fear of storms, or other special emotional needs, make sure to let the people caring for them know. While you’re away, your pet may be extra sensitive to normal stressors, and alerting the staff at your boarding kennel will ensure that they get the proper attention and care.

Board Your Pet with American Boarding Kennel 

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