Cat Tales: A Boarding Testimonial

September 15, 2021

I’m Sophia Purren and I’m a beautiful European shorthair. My humans sent me on a short vacation to a pet resort called American Boarding Kennel. From the accommodations to the staff, I had an incredible experience. If you’re a cat looking for a space to meditate, enjoy recreation, and accept affection while taking a break from your human servants, you simply must stay at American Boarding Kennel. Keep reading to hear about my fabulous getaway at this exquisite retreat.

Reach New Heights with Multiple Climbing Levels

When I arrived at ABK, I was impressed by the cleanliness and service. However what really caught my eye was the incredible climbing facilities. I climb to stay fit and keep my instincts sharp, and the towers at ABK were first-class. I was able to get a full workout (climbing, scratching, stretching, jumping, and napping) on towers, caves, and ramps that were beautifully-maintained. I was able to comfortably give myself a quick bath on the highest level while chatting with a fascinating Abyssinian named Clarise who used to live in New York City.

Sleep on Premium Bedding

The beds at ABK are made of high quality, soft, premium materials. I couldn’t have asked for a more comfortable spot to take a quick 18-hour rest. I felt like I was nestled in a cloud made of sunbeams. The lavish accommodations made me feel like the queen I am. If my humans are reading this, let this serve as a hint: my birthday’s coming up.

Get the Treatment You Deserve

As a cat, I value cleanliness and attention, when and how I want it. With daily room service, housekeeping, and a staff attentive to the needs of guests, ABK delivered. They played soothing music and kept the space at a perfect temperature for ultimate relaxation and play. Each day of my stay, I received a delicate and flavorful amuse bouche (that’s a “treat” for all you tabbies reading this). The humans at American Boarding Kennel know that cats are special, and they treat us with the appropriate reverence and doting.

Board Your Cat with American Boarding Kennel 

American Boarding Kennel is one of Minnesota’s oldest family-owned and operated pet hotels. For 37 years, they’ve delivered excellence in feline accommodations and care. For superior recreation, rest, and engagement, there’s nowhere else I’d rather stay.  They have over five locations in Burnsville, Montgomery, Edina, Wayzata, and Long Lake, so walk on your humans’ keyboard and find the ABK nearest to you, and urge them to send you on a little vacation. For more information, have your humans call them at (952) 894-5100. Ciao!