Which Leash Type Is Right for My Dog?

March 16, 2022

Before bringing a dog home to join the family, one must have key accessories ready. One of the most important items dog owners use is a leash. Leashes are essential training tools and enable people to protect and control their dogs in public and natural settings. In fact, most cities and some states mandate the use of leashes when dogs are not on their person’s property. While Minnesota has explicit laws governing the welfare of our beloved pups, our leash laws are left to municipalities. Regardless of legal requirements, however, it is always the smart and safe choice to use a leash. With so many leash types, materials and styles on the market, dog owners can become overwhelmed trying to pick the right one.

American Boarding Kennels specializes in caring for and training dogs. The right leash for a dog depends on some key variables. Keep reading for a simple guide to choosing the correct one.

Choose the Right Leash for Your Dog’s Size and Strength

The standard leash for walking and training dogs is a four to six foot nylon leash. These leashes come in a variety of widths that correlate to the size and strength of the dog. It’s important to choose an appropriate width, as a thicker leash will be too heavy for small dogs and puppies while a thin leash could potentially snap if a larger pooch pulls or bolts. Look for ¾” leashes for your little ones and opt for 1” or thicker for medium and large dogs. For super strong dogs and giant breeds, rope leashes are a good alternative for extra strength.

Consider Your Dog’s Special Needs

There are a number of leashes available that are designed to accommodate the unique needs of dogs. Dogs love to chew, and some target their leashes for a quality munch session, compromising the integrity of the leash. This behavior can be corrected with training, though it’s important to have a strong leash in the meantime. Some choose to use chain leashes to combat this, but chain leashes cause injury if your pup becomes tangled and are often quite heavy. Leather leashes or rope leashes can stand up to chewing better than nylon without posing the same risks as chain. Dogs that have a tendency to pull can benefit from short or adjustable leashes. Adjustable leashes are also beneficial if you intend to secure your dog to posts or tables in public. If your dog suffers from allergies, hemp leashes are a strong natural solution.

Keep Your Dog Safe With a Long Lead

Dogs love getting the chance to play, training and run with happy abandon. Long leads are a great option for people who wish to take their dogs on nature walks or for a safe romp in the park. Be mindful not to use long leads for normal walks on the sidewalk. Long leads are available in rope, nylon and other materials, including biothane which has the added benefit of being lightweight without compromising strength. We do not recommend the use of retractable leashes. These can promote unwanted pulling behaviors and create safety issues for our beloved furry friends.

Keep Your Dog Safe with American Boarding Kennels 

Pets’ safety is of the utmost importance to their people. When choosing the right leash and other accessories, it’s smart to consult your veterinarian and other trusted dog care providers. American Boarding Kennels has been caring for Twin Cities pups for 37 years with top-quality boarding, grooming and training services. We’re always happy to help answer any questions you may have to provide even better care for your beloved fur baby. When you need to head out of town, we provide clean, cozy accommodations and plenty of activity time and special attention. We also provide daycare to keep your pooch safe, happy and engaged while you’re at work. For more information, stop by one of our five locations in Burnsville, Montgomery, Edina, Wayzata, or Long Lake, give us a call at (952) 894-5100 or visit our website.