Dogs and Music: What Does the Research Say?

April 20, 2022

We are one of Minnesota’s oldest family owned and operated boarding facilities. American Boarding Kennels offers a family of services, including overnight care, doggy daycare and professional grooming for cats and dogs. There is always a lot of discussion about what impact, if any, music has on dogs. We’ve done the research and made our observations and today we will share them with you! Keep reading to find out how music makes a difference in a dog’s life.

Dogs Love String(s)

The standard leash for walking and training dogs is a four to six foot nylon leash. These leashes come in a variety of widths that correlate to the size and strength of the dog. It’s important to choose an appropriate width, as a thicker leash will be too heavy for small dogs and puppies while a thin leash could potentially snap if a larger pooch pulls or bolts. Look for ¾” leashes for your little ones and opt for 1” or thicker for medium and large dogs. For super strong dogs and giant breeds, rope leashes are a good alternative for extra strength.

Tempo Matters

It turns out that classical music and easy listening aren’t the only genres dogs like. You can add soft rock and reggae to that list. Why? Dogs like music with a tempo between 50 and 60 BPM (beats per minute), according to available research. They love their slow jams and smooth rhythms and we can’t say we blame them. On the flipside, music with deep bass tones and loud percussion unsettles dogs, which makes sense. If you’ve ever seen a dog react to thunder or fireworks, you know they aren’t fans.

We Don’t Have All the Answers

A few studies have shown short-term changes in behavior for dogs when exposed to classical, easy listening and other genres with slower tempos. However, there isn’t a lot of information out there. Some people have tried to make DVDs and CDs specifically for dogs, but it’s not clear how much more effective they are than regular old Mozart. This is particularly tricky too because dogs have short attention spans. Try playing catch with your pup for longer than ten minutes and let us know how successful you are. Sometimes, they just get bored. So, while we will say it’s fun to think about what music our dogs like and don’t like, we will also say we need to run more tests, and maybe you should too! We’re curious if your dog will end up being the weird one who still likes Black Sabbath in 2022.

American Boarding Kennels

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