Indicators of a Happy Dog

June 15, 2022

Do you have a strong bond with your dog? Do you know your dog’s mannerisms inside and out? While you may have an intuitive bond with your pooch, it is important to be able to recognize the key indicators of your dog’s happiness and mental health to ensure they are living their best life. We’ve had quite a few pooches prancing in and out of our kennels for pet grooming and dog overnight care over the years, so we have a few pointers. Here are some clear signs your dog is happy.

Facial Expressions Reveal Feelings

Regardless of whether you hear a bark or not, your dog is communicating with you all the time about their mental health and attitude toward current events. As humans, we have micro facial expressions that can indicate to others how we’re feeling. They are very subtle, so unless you are trained to see them, they are easy to miss. This is also true for dogs. Here are a few key points:

Watch The Tail

Tails are great indicators of a dog’s emotional state and they are probably the most well-known emotional cue. However, tail wagging in isolation doesn’t necessarily mean your dog is happy. A waggy tail is a good sign, but pay attention to your dog’s upper body too because your dog may be indicating they are over-stimulated or anxious. What you want to see is a soft swish of the tail, which shows your dog is relaxed and ready to drink piña coladas and get caught in the rain. Also, don’t forget that your dog’s right brain controls the left side of their body; if you notice their tail wagging to the left, your dog is very happy.

Help Your Dog Find Their Happy Place

Understanding your dog on a deeper emotional level will go a long way towards keeping your bond with them strong. Give your dog time to rest and sleep, time to sniff and play in nature, and time to roll around in the mud on a rainy day. Find a place that provides dog boarding and training near you and give them a much-deserved vacation then next time you yourself set out on an adventure. Your dog will be happier and healthier upon your return, and you can rest assured they will be given the royal treatment at a dog overnight care facility.

American Boarding Kennels: Your Pet’s Home Away from Home

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