Exposing the Top Three Dog Boarding Myths

March 15, 2024

As dog lovers and professional caretakers, we understand the concerns and misconceptions that can arise when it comes to dog boarding. It’s crucial to separate fact from fiction to ensure you’re making the best decision for your furry friend. Let’s debunk some of the most common dog boarding myths.

Myth #1: Dogs Feel Abandoned When Boarded

Invest in Training and Socialization

One of the most pervasive myths is that dogs feel abandoned when they’re left at a boarding facility. However, dogs are more adaptable than we often give them credit for. A well-run boarding facility offers not just a place to stay but a new adventure. Dogs receive constant care, attention, and socialization opportunities with other dogs and humans. These interactions can help mitigate feelings of loneliness.

Professional dog boarding facilities are designed to keep your dog’s mind active and engaged, reducing stress and anxiety. With schedules packed with playtime, walks and one-on-one attention, your pooch may be having a vacation of their own!

Myth #2: Dog Boarding is Stressful and Unhealthy for Pets

Another common misconception is that overnight dog boarding is inherently stressful and can lead to health issues. While it’s true that some dogs may experience initial anxiety, reputable boarding services go to great lengths to create a stress-free environment. This includes providing comfortable bedding, regular exercise routines and even soothing music to promote relaxation.

The health of boarded dogs is a top priority, with facilities requiring up-to-date vaccination records and offering on-call veterinary services. A well-staffed, clean and comfortable boarding facility can be a healthy environment for your dog, sometimes even more so than other alternatives.

Myth #3: All Boarding Facilities are the Same

Choosing a dog boarding facility can sometimes be done in haste, with the assumption that they’re all the same. This myth can lead to less-than-ideal boarding experiences. Facilities can differ vastly in terms of the quality of care, staff training, amenities offered and overall environment.

It’s essential to research and visit potential facilities, meet the staff and check for certifications. Look for places that prioritize safety, cleanliness and personalized attention. Some facilities offer additional services like grooming, training or special care for senior dogs or those with medical needs. The right boarding facility will align with your dog’s specific needs and your preferences as a pet owner.

Fact: American Boarding Kennels is a Trusted Provider

Finding the right dog boarding facility for your furry family is an important choice. With decades of experience and highly trained technicians, we provide cozy, loving professional overnight dog boarding services while you’re away.

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