Can a Boarding Kennel Handle Special Requests?

March 19, 2024

Every dog is different. Age, personality and size are just a few of the factors that contribute to a pup’s health and happiness at a dog boarding kennel. But how do kennel staff answer pet parents’ requests to tend to each dog’s unique needs?

Here’s how an overnight dog boarding kennel can accommodate pups of all ages.

Custom Bedding and Overnight Enrichment Activities

Every dog deserves a peaceful night’s sleep, but some pet parents worry that their dogs won’t be relaxed or comfortable while away from home. The right puppy boarding kennel will curate the experience so that your dog gets the individualized care they deserve.

Spacious suites, daily housekeeping and room service, soothing background music, and climate-controlled surroundings are just a few of the ways a kennel can customize a dog’s comfort during their stay. 

Overnight boarding kennels can also provide mix-and-match enrichment activities. This is a great option for curious and energetic dogs who want to burn off a little excitement before hitting the hay.

Personalized Doggy Daycare

A high-quality boarding kennel will provide individual care during the day as well as overnight. For dogs who require more one-on-one time, have a bit more to learn, or simply prefer the company of humans, this is a fantastic option.

Fun daytime enrichment activities include puzzle toys, urban walks and brush outs, which are all good ways to keep your pup happy, healthy and mentally stimulated. Individual screenings and assessments are an option at some kennels, and pet owners can request the staff keep an eye out for certain behaviors during these tests.

Training Classes for Dogs at All Stages of Learning

Every dog has the potential for growth and development, which is why the best boarding kennels offer a range of training classes to enhance your dog’s skills and obedience. Whether your canine companion needs basic obedience training, help with scent work or is ready to be enrolled in puppy kindergarten, there are plenty of options available for dogs to work towards specific goals.

With the right encouragement and personalized attention, most dogs thrive in training classes. Special training requests are honored when they emphasize positive reinforcement.

Customized Meals, Toys and Medication

Every dog’s diet, medications and favorite toys are different. While kennels provide their own meals and toys, staff can administer the food, toys and meds your dog uses at home upon request. Just be sure to provide specific information about portion sizes, food allergies and medication dosages when you arrive at puppy boarding.

Luxurious Spa Services

Some boarding kennels provide the full dog spa treatment, including specialty baths, brushing, and nail trims. Pawrents can make requests for the grooming session based on their dog’s breed, coat type, and how dapper they want their dog to look. There’s no doubt that after a relaxing, personalized spa day, your dog will look and feel their best.

Make Your Dog’s Stay Unique With Dog Boarding MN

Your dog is a cherished member of the family, and they deserve customized care. At American Boarding Kennels, we go the extra mile to ensure that your best friend enjoys their best stay.

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