What Services Are Included When I Board my Dog?

November 22, 2022

Boarding your pet can be worrisome. After all, they are a member of your family and you love them all the same. You need to be assured that they are in a safe, comfortable environment where they can live their best pet life while you are away.

When you entrust your dog or cat with American Boarding Kennel, you are leaving them truly in the lap of luxury. Our amenities are made to go so above and beyond that your pet may not even miss you while you’re gone (just kidding, of course they will miss you). Pamper your pet while you’re on your trip with the best dog boarding in the Twin Cities.

With several different packages, we are often asked what is included with a stay and what might come with a surcharge. In an effort to be fully transparent, here we will make everything clear so that there are no surprises when you come to pick up your beloved canine or feline companion.

Standard for Every Pawed Pal

Every pet that trots through our doors is offered:

All of our feline guests are welcome to enjoy multiple climbing and napping areas along with a delicious cat treat.

Our canine guests are offered multiple mealtimes to fit their feeding habits along with multiple visits to our outdoor play yard (and we sneak them a few extra hugs and kisses because they deserve it). The sweet pups who stay with us four nights or more will luxuriate in a Squeaky Clean departing bath before pick-up.

We are happy to feed – in fact we encourage you to send – your pet’s regular food along with them for their stay. This will help them remain as calm and comfortable as possible and comes at no additional cost to you! Simply pack each meal they will need in individual Ziploc bags labeled with their name.

Add-ons and Amenities

Should your animal require any medication while they stay with us, we are happy to administer it for a $.50 fee per dose.

You can also upgrade your pets accommodations to either our Deluxe space or a Private Suite.

American Boarding Kennels is Your Pet’s Home Away from Home

At American Boarding Kennels, we treat your pet like family. We provide cat boarding, dog boarding, overnight care, doggy daycare and professional grooming services. Pet owners have been trusting us to take care of their pets for over 37 years! We have been lauded for our pet grooming services because pet owners recognize the care and attention to detail we put in, every single day. We have locations in Burnsville, Montgomery, Edina, Wayzata, and Long Lake. Are you ready to give your pet the vacation they’ve been waiting for? Call us at (952) 894-5100 or visit our website today!