First day free!

First day free!

American Boarding Kennels welcomes new daycare guests by offering a FREE screening!

Our initial screening includes several important steps to ensure safe play within our playgroups.

During the screening process, we will review vaccination status and perform a health check. We also assess the ability to be handled and cared for by our staff as well as friendliness towards other dogs. 

A dog lying on its stomach in doggy daycare

We slowly introduce our new guests to our existing play pack to ensure the initial meet and greet is calm, controlled and positive.

Once your dog has completed the screening and introduction process they will enjoy a full day of play while being supervised by our friendly group-play leaders.

Reservations are required for first-day visitors. Once your dog has been approved for group play reservations are not required. Check out our Daycare Packages that offer quality savings for frequent visitors.

Benefits of supervised group play
(doggy daycare)

  • Peace of mind knowing your dog is happily engaged & not home alone
  • Your dog gets to run, jump & play with other friendly dogs
  • Polish and maintain critical dog socialization skills
  • Quality exercise. A tired dog is a good dog!
  • Attentive and caring playgroup leaders make sure all guests have a quality experience
  • Access to outdoor potty and play areas
  • Separate play areas based on size
  • Snack time and lunches offered upon request

Combine with one of our Enrichment Activities for a full day of fun!

Play all day, sleep all night

Day rates:

  • Single Day Pass – $25
  • 7 Day Pass – $100 ($14.28 per day)
  • 14 Day Pass – $180 ($12.85 per day)
  • Unlimited Monthly – $290 (Includes 1 FREE Squeaky Clean Bath, FREE Doggy Daycare while boarding and a free nail trim.) (as low as 9.33 per day)

Half-day rates:

  • Stay four hours or less for half-day rates.
  • Half-Day Pass – $20
  • 8 Half-Day Pass – $75