A Day in the Life of a Dog at a Kennel

April 12, 2023

Hello, Best Friend. Welcome to your dog boarding experience! While your humans are away, you’ll be having an adventure all your own. Join us for a tour of your stay at American Boarding Kennels.

Take a Sniff Around Your Pet Hotel

As you enter, you’ll find several satisfying smells: friends, snacks, and the familiar toys and blankets your human sent with you. You’ll also meet plenty of trained pet technicians who will greet you with all the pets and scratches you desire. They’ll be tending to your every need throughout your stay.

Get Some Doggy Exercise

Enjoy walks, runs and playtime in our outdoor play yard. With the proper screenings and permission from your humans, you can even enjoy socialization with other canine guests. If you prefer more human attention, you can receive concierge play service from the humans on staff.

Enjoy Pet Hotel Room Service

You’ll enjoy your regular meal times served by our staff. Plenty of fresh clean water will keep you hydrated as you gobble up your favorite foods and treats from home. Each meal comes with complimentary snuggles, kisses and pets.

Cozy Up For a Nap In Comfy Accommodations

Throughout your stay, you’ll enjoy premium bedding for overnight sleeps and plenty of daytime snoozes. Daily housekeeping ensures your space is clean, while climate control technology and soothing background music provide the perfect environment for a relaxing getaway.

Ask Your Humans For a Premium Dog Boarding Experience

Your humans love you more than anything — even the little glowing rectangle they’re always tapping. They want your dog boarding journey to be a wonderful time. At American Boarding Kennels, we offer each pup a time fit for a canine king or queen.

We have locations in Burnsville, Montgomery, Edina, Wayzata, and Long Lake. So if you are in the area, ask your human to make a reservation for your next vacation.