5 Things To Pack In Your Pup’s Bag Before Boarding

February 14, 2023

It’s almost dog boarding time! Your pup is ready, especially after you’ve been hyping this trip for weeks. Your dog will be getting the playtime they need and they’re going to have a ball. But before you can whisk them off, you shouldn’t forget to fill their doggy bag with a few key items. Read on for a refresher on which items are must-haves for your pup’s time away from home.

1. Paperwork

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget. Don’t forget to submit all necessary paperwork to the dog boarding kennel beforehand, and pack any additional documents your pup may need, such as medical and vaccination charts.

Most kennels will require Rabies, Bordetella and Distemper vaccinations. When you consider that your dog will be socializing frequently with other pups, kennels will also expect verification via pet records that your dog is in good health and has no visible contagious ailments like coughing or sneezing.

2. Medicine

Making sure your dog stays healthy and comfortable during their stay at the kennel should be priority number one. To do that, don’t forget to fill their doggy bag with any medication or daily supplements they need.

Also, it would be good to include clear instructions staff members can use to ensure they administer the supplements correctly.

3. Collar With ID

Just like you should always travel with your ID, so should your pup. Don’t forget to make sure your dog has a secure collar with some sort of identification.

A well-fitted collar with ID tags is a quick and easy way for dog handlers to recognize your pup while having a safe way to lead and direct them during their stay.

4. Food and Treats

If you’re going on vacation, I bet you’re going to enjoy a tasty treat or two. Make sure your pup has all their favorite foods during their stay. No need to shake things up and introduce new foods into your dog’s diet; they will already be in a new environment, after all.

Fill their doggy bag with key staple foods they enjoy so they can have a fun, happy, healthy stay at their dog boarding kennel of choice.

5. Toys

We saved the best for last. Above all else, this trip should be fun, so make sure your pup has all the toys they enjoy.

They’ll feel much more comfortable having a few toys to play with, and the toys will be good reminders of home. If your dog is high-energy, they would probably appreciate several mentally stimulating chew toys. If your dog is anxious, pack a toy that will help them recall the comforts of home and your presence. As long as you think it’ll keep your dog happy, pack it.

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